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Aladdin 2: The Return of Jafar


  1. Anonymous29.11.13

    This link is not working

  2. Anonymous7.6.14

    Oh gawd... this is just terrible.

  3. Replies
    1. Anonymous13.9.14

      It's not the website, its the movie. Compared to the first one its lacking in qualtiy SO TERRIBLY(you can tell the budget for this movie was extremely low). It also doesnt have robin williams AND a lot of elements don't fit with the first movie (like how 1.) Aladdin is still wearing raggedy close and stealing shit in the beginning even though him and jasmine are married 2.) Aladdin is supposed to be "sultan" or "king" since he married jasmine (which was the whole point of getting jasmine to marry someone in the first one!) so it makes no sense to make him royal vizier.) this film is really bad. It has the same animation as the Disney Hercules TV SHOW. But it's not the sites fault.

  4. Anonymous28.7.14

    Very horrible

  5. Anonymous28.7.14

    It works. For me it is relatively. For jasmine and aladdin.

  6. Anonymous24.8.14

    it was a really good movie and the quality is excellent

  7. Anonymous26.11.14

    this is... horrible