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Hercules (1997) Disney movie

to watch the 35th movie in Disney Animated Classics series based on the legendary Greek mythology hero Heracles; Released on June 27, 1997, Hercules made $99 million in revenue in the United States during its theatrical release and $252,712,101 worldwide.
Intro lines Narrator: Long ago, in the faraway land of ancient Greece, there was a golden age of powerful gods and extraordinary heroes. And the greatest and strongest of all these heroes was the mighty Hercules. But what is the measure of a true hero? Ah, that is what our story is...
Characters Hercules, son of Zeus; Philoctetes, a satyr and a trainer of aspiring heroes; Hades, lord of the Underworld; Meg, a young mortal woman unwillingly working for Hades; Pegasus, a winged divine horse; Zeus, Hercules' birth-parents; Hera, wife of Zeus; the Muses, Calliope, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Thalia and Clio; Hermes, the god of transitions and boundaries; Alcmene, Hercules' Foster Mother; Amphitryon, Hercules Foster Father; the three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos.


Hercules: I didn't know that playing hooky could be so much fun!
Meg: Yeah, neither did I.

Philoctetes: Listen to me. I've seen 'em all, and I'm telling you - and this is the honest to Zeus truth - you got something I've never seen before.
Hercules: Really?
Philoctetes: I feel it right down to these stubby bowlegs of mine. There is nothing you can't do, kid.

Hercules: So what's in Thebes?
Philoctetes: A lot of problems. It's a big, tough town. Good place to start building a rep.

Calliope: We are the Muses, goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes.
Terpsichore: Heroes like Hercules.
Thalia: Honey, you mean "Hunk-ules." Ooh, I'd like to make some sweet music with him.
Calliope: Our story actually begins long before Hercules was born, many eons ago.

Young Hercules: But if I don't become a true hero, I'll never be able to rejoin my father Zeus.
Philoctetes: Hold it. Zeus is your father, right?


Hercules' Credit Card is shown as: "VI V XI XIV XV XVI IV, ex IV M BC, member since I M BC" or "6511 14 1516 4, expires Apr 1000 BC, member since Jan 1000 BC"

On his way to Thebes, Hercules meets Megara after he saves her from the River Guardian, Nessos.

When Phil and Hercules first enter Phil's hut, Hercules bangs his head on what Phil tells him is the mast of the Argo. In Greek mythology, Jason, the captain of the Argo, was killed when the mast hit his head.

In the scene where Hercules rushes into the town with a carriage containing Amphitryon, Penelope, and a tall bale of hay, the bale hits the top of the entrance to the town, and two men carrying a stone block fall off the top.

Hercules puts his hands in the water trying to reach Meg's soul. Seconds later, when he jumps into the water, he is a hundred feet up on a cliff.


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