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The AristoCats (1970) Disney movie Watch Disney Full Movie Online For Free Streaming Without Downloading

based on a story by Tom McGowan and Tom Rowe, the twentieth animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics, about a family of aristocratic cats. Watch the whole on line movie divided into eight sections; each section is presented in an own page; in addition, each page is dedicated to a particular event - story, songs and lyrics, pictures, characters, reviews, trivia, comments, quotes.

Begins in Paris, lovers and bohemian city life, in 1910. Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, a retired opera singer ("that's music... it's from Carmen? That's right. It was my favorite role"), lives in his mansion with her cat Duchess, and Duchess' three kittens: Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz... The full story in the AristoCats story page.

More, in the AristoCats songs lyrics page


Madame Adelaide Bonfamille (a retired opera singer who live in Paris...), Thomas O'Malley (a brave and friendly alley cat who... ), Duchess (Madame Adelaide's cat and mother of three kittens, falls in love with...), Toulouse (the oldest kitten, painter, aspires to...), Marie (the middle kitten, believes... ), Berlioz (the youngest kitten, timid and shy, love...), Edgar (Madame Adelaide's English butler, believes he will...), Georges Hautecourt (lawyer, lively old friend of...), Napoleon the Bloodhound (a farm dog who...), Lafayette the Basset Hound (also a farm dog and Napoleon's companion, proves to...), Abigail Gabble (an English goose who...), Amelia Gabble (Abigail's twin sister...), Uncle Waldo (the drunk uncle of...), Roquefort (a mouse, friend of the cats, find... ), Frou-Frou (the carriage-horse...), Scat Cat (Thomas's best friend and leader of...), Shun Gon (the Chinese cat, member of...), Hit Cat (the English Cat, plays to...), Peppo (the Italian Cat, plays to...), Russian Cat (member of Scat Cat's gang, plays to...). More, in the AristoCats characters page


"One of Disney's best! This is a charming, upbeat, and rather funny Disney movie. Who doesn't love kittens? The music is jamming. It makes me want to snap my fingers or something. What Aristocats Disney lacks in animation and story, it makes up for in charm. It's perfect for the younger set while not being so sappy that adults can't like it." More, in the AristoCats reviews page


The last animated feature to be approved by Walt Disney and the studio's first animated feature to be completed after his death.

Richard and Robert Sherman talked Maurice Chevalier out of retirement to sing the title song.
More, in the AristoCats trivia page


"Why The Aristocats movie is so good. An answer could be, because the movie approach a universal theme. It's a classic love story between "two cats" (people very well might be) that are not in first youth. She, "the Duchess", is beautiful, educated, rich but lonely and with three kittens. He, "Abraham Delacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley the alley cat" is brave, has many friends, but is poor and he leads his life from day to day, which allows it to live a free life without complications and without too many duties. The movie has a happy ending - the two cats founded a family, Madame Adelaide Bonfamille set up a foundation, bad character is defeated, all things are put on a good way. The movie's graphic is direct and very suggestive, which relaxes the viewer. It is an excellent combination of color, high quality music, humorous dialogues and action better fit." (O'Prisan, CT) More, in the AristoCats comments page


Scat Cat: Hold it, cats. This little guy is on the level.

Georges Hautecourt: Adelaide, you mean to say you're leaving your vast fortune to Edgar?
Madame Adelaide: Oh, no, Georges. To my cats.
Georges Hautecourt: To your cats?
Madame Adelaide: Yes, Georges, I simply wish to have the cats inherit first. Then, at the end of their life span my entire estate will revert to Edgar.
Edgar: Cats inherit first! And I come after the cats. It's not fair! Each cat'll live about 12 years. I can't wait. And each cat has nine lives. That's four times 12, and multiply by nine times. Well, anyway, it's much longer than I'd ever live.

Chinese Cat: Oh boy, fellas! Let's rock the joint!
Russian Cat: Ha, ha! Groovy cats!

Thomas O'Malley: Duchess and kittens in trouble? Look, you go get Scat Cat and his gang of alley cats.
Roquefort: Alley cats? But I'm a mouse!

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Cast and Crew

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman

Story by Larry Clemmons, Vance Gerry, Ken Anderson, Frank Thomas, Eric Cleworth, Julius Svendsen, Ralph Wright, Tom McGowan, Tom Rowe


Phil Harris as Thomas O'Malley

Eva Gabor as Duchess

Sterling Holloway as Roquefort

Scatman Crothers as Scat Cat

Dean Clark as Berlioz kitten

Paul Winchell as Shun Gon

Liz English as Marie kitten

Thurl Ravenscroft as Billy Bass

Gary Dubin as Toulouse

Vito Scotti as Peppo

Lord Tim Hudson as Hit Cat

Nancy Kulp as Frou-Frou

Pat Buttram as Napoleon Bloodhound

George Lindsey as Lafayette Basset

Monica Evans as Abigail

Carole Shelley as Amelia

Bill Thompson as Uncle Waldo

Roddy Maude-Roxby as Butler

Hermione Baddeley as Madame

Charles Lane as Georges Hautecourt

Ruth Buzzi as Frou-Frou (singing voice)

Robie Lester as Duchess (singing voice)

Peter Renaday as Le Petit Cafe Cook

Produced by Winston Hibler, Wolfgang Reitherman
Original Music by George Bruns
Film Editing by Tom Acosta

Production Design by Ken Anderson
Production Management by Don Duckwall
Second Unit Director by Dan Alguire, Edward Hansen
Sound Department by Robert O. Cook
Visual Effects by Dick Lucas, Dan MacManus
Animation Department:
Eric Cleworth, Basil Davidovich, Al Dempster, Don Griffith, Fred Hellmich, Ralph Hulett, Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl, Hal King, Eric Larson, Bill Layne, John Lounsbery, David Michener, Sylvia Roemer, Walt Stanchfield, Julius Svendsen, Frank Thomas, John Emerson
Music Department:
Terry Gilkyson, Floyd Huddleston, Evelyn Kennedy, Al Rinker, Walter Sheets, Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Edmundo Santos

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