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Pocahontas (1995) Disney movie Watch Disney Full Movie Online For Free Streaming Without Downloading

to watch the 33rd movie in Disney Animated Classics series based on the legend that surround the Native American woman; Release on June 23, 1995, Pocahontas was a box-office success, earning $141,579,773 in the United States and $346,079,773 worldwide. 55 animators were involved in designing the character of Pocahontas. A video game based on the movie with the same title, Pocahontas, was released on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive on January 1, 1996.
Characters Pocahontas, the daughter of the Chief Powhatan that manages to stop an armed conflict between the Powhatans and the British settlers; John Smith, the only one of the English settlers in the Jamestown Settlement willing to befriend the natives due to his love and learning to accept other cultures from Pocahontas; Governor Ratcliffe, the primary antagonist of the film who leads an expedition to Virginia to find gold and other riches; Meeko, Pocahontas's pet raccoon who is friendly to John Smith and loves eating; Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas's father; Thomas, a friend of John Smith and one of the British settlers; Grandmother Willow, a speaking willow tree that acts as Pocahontas's guide; Percy, Governor Ratcliffe's pet pug; Ben and Lon, two of the settlers; Flit, Pocahontas's xenophobic pet hummingbird who prefers Kocoum to John Smith, but eventually warms up to him; Nakoma, Pocahontas's best friend who secretly adores Kocoum; Kocoum, a brave Powhatan warrior who desires to marry Pocahontas; Kekata, the shaman of the Powhatan.


Pocahontas: Lately, I've been having this dream and I think it's...
Grandmother Willow: Oh, a dream! Let's hear all about it!

John Smith: What do you say to a tree?
Pocahontas: Anything you want.

Governor Ratcliffe: I've never been a popular man.
Wiggins: I like you.

John Smith: Come with me?
Powhatan: You must choose your own path.
Pocahontas: I'm needed here.

Thomas: John, what's gotten into you?
John Smith: I met one of them.
Ben: You what?
Thomas: A savage!

Powhatan: Sometimes our paths are chosen for us.
Pocahontas: But maybe we should try talking to them.
Powhatan: They do not want to talk.

Kekata: They're different from us, which means they can't be trusted.

Kocoum: Pocahontas can't keep running off. It's dangerous out there. Tell her that. She listens to you.


Pocahontas herself is now frequently cited as being one of the most beautifully and realistically animated characters in the Disney canon, her fluid movements mainly being attributed to rotoscoping.

Irene Bedard, who provided the voice of Pocahontas, was also the physical model for the animated character.

John Candy had provided a large amount of voice work into a character named "Redfeather", a turkey as Pocahontas's sidekick.

The film's premiere was a huge event in Central Park. With over 100,000 people attending, it holds the record for the largest movie premiere.

The film depicts Pocahontas as a woman in her twenties or perhaps late teens, thus making a romance with John Smith, who was in his late twenties at the time, more acceptable.
The first film to feature Mel Gibson singing.

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