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Cinderella (1950) Disney movie Watch Disney Full Movie Online For Free Streaming Without Downloading

animated movie produced by Walt Disney is based on the fairy tale "Cendrillon" by Charles Perrault. Released on March 4, 1950, the film received three Academy Award nominations. Helene Stanley was Cinderella movie's live action model and Ilene Woods was Cinderella film's voice actor. Mike Douglas was the Prince's singing voice while William Phipps acted the part.

Movie intro line

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a tiny kingdom, peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Here in a stately chateau there lived a widowed gentleman and his little daughter, Cinderella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, still he felt she needed a mother's care. And so he married again, choosing for his second wife a woman of good family with two daughters just Cinderella's age, by name, Anastasia and Drisella.


At a cost of nearly $3,000,000 Cinderella movie was a big hit. The profits from its release gave Disney the cash flow to finance a slate of productions, establish his own distribution company, enter television production and begin building Disneyland.


CINDERELLA: So if you don't want to lose a nice warm bed, you'd better get rid of those dreams. You know how? Just learn to like cats. No, I mean it.

CINDERELLA: Isn't it lovely? It was my mother's.
PERLA: It's pretty-pretty, but it's old.
CINDERELLA: Well, maybe it is a little old-fashioned, but I'll fix that.
GUS: How you do that?

STEPMOTHER: Perhaps we can put it to better use. Now, let me see... There's the large carpet in the main hall. Clean it! And the windows upstairs and down- Wash them! Oh yes, and the tapestries and the draperies...
CINDERELLA: But I just finished...
STEPMOTHER: Do them again! And don't forget the garden. Then scrub the terrace, sweep the halls and the stairs, clean the chimneys. And of course there's the mending and the sewing and the laundry... Oh, yes, and one more thing. See that Lucifer gets his bath.

CINDERELLA: Wait a minute. There ought to be some good ideas in here. This one.
PERLA: Oh, very nice-nice. Like it!
JAQ: We can do it. It'll be easy.
CINDERELLA: I'll have to shorten the sleeves. I'll need a sash, a ruffle and something for a collar. And then I'll...
JAQ: Follow me, Gus-Gus. I know where to go. Find a pretty-pretty if we can. Cinderella needs help. Surprise, surprise!
GUS: Pretty surprise for Cinderella!

CINDERELLA: Please wait for me! Isn't it lovely? Do you like it? Do you think it will do?
ANASTASIA: Cinderella!
DRIZELLA: Mother, she can't! You wouldn't.
DRIZELLA: You can't let her!
STEPMOTHER: Girls, please! After all, we did make a bargain. Didn't we, Cinderella? And I never go back on my word. How very clever, these beads. They give it just the right touch. Don't you think so, Drizella?
DRIZELLA: No, I don't! I think she's... Why you little thief! They're my beads! Give them here!
CINDERELLA: Oh, no! Oh...
ANASTASIA: And look, that's my sash! Wearing my sash! She can't!
CINDERELLA: Oh, don't! Please, stop!

CINDERELLA: Oh, it's a beautiful dress! Did you ever see such a beautiful dress? And look, glass slippers. Why, it's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: You'll have only 'til midnight and then...
CINDERELLA: Midnight? Oh, thank you.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Oh, now, now just a minute. You must understand, my dear. On the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken, and everything will be as it was before.
CINDERELLA: Oh, I understand, but... it's more than I ever hoped for.
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Bless you, my child.

PRINCE CHARMING: What's the matter?
CINDERELLA: It's midnight.
PRINCE CHARMING: Yes, so it is, but...
PRINCE CHARMING: No, no, wait. You can't go now. It's only...
CINDERELLA: Oh, I must, please. Please, I must.
CINDERELLA: Well, I... Oh, the Prince. I haven't met the Prince.
PRINCE CHARMING: The Prince? But didn't you know...
PRINCE CHARMING: No, wait. Come back. Please come back! I don't even know your name.

THE KING: Better practice passing these out, eh?
GRAND DUKE: But, but, but, if you'd only listen...
THE KING: And, for you, my friend...
GRAND DUKE: Your Majesty, please...
THE KING: A knighthood. I hereby dub you, sir, by the way, what title would you like?
GRAND DUKE: Sire, she got away.

CINDERELLA: But, perhaps, if it would help...
GRAND DUKE: No, no, nothing can help now. Nothing!
CINDERELLA: But, you see, I have the other slipper.

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