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Dinosaur (2000) Disney movie Watch Disney Full Movie Online For Free Streaming Without Downloading

to watch the 39th movie in the Disney Animated Classics series, the first computer-animated film, about an orphaned dinosaur raised by lemurs; Release on May 19, 2000, Dinosaur was the most expensive theatrical movie of the year.
Characters Aladar, a brave Iguanodon (a genus of ornithopod dinosaur); Yar, a lemur patriarch; Plio, a lemur matriarch; Zini, a genus of dinosaur; Suri, Aladar's stepsister; Kron, an Iguanodon leading a herd of dinosaur survivors; Bruton, gives his life to kill one of the Carnotaurus to save Aladar, the lemurs, and the weaker dinosaurs; Neera, Kron's sister; Baylene, an elderly and dainty Brachiosaurus; Eema, a wizened Styracosaurus.
Frank Welker has done the unspoken dinosaurs including, the Carnotaurs, the Velociraptors and other dinosaur sound effects. Soundtracks: Inner Sanctum/The Nesting Grounds (2:57); The Egg Travels (2:43); Aladar & Neera (3:29); The Courtship (4:13); The End Of Our Island (4:00); They're All Gone (2:08); Raptors/Stand Together (5:37); Across The Desert (2:25); Finding Water (4:14); The Cave (3:40); The Carnotaur Attack (3:52); Neera Rescues The Orphans (1:13); Breakout (2:43); It Comes With A Pool (3:01); Kron & Aladar Fight (2:58); Epilogue (2:32).


Aladar: Hey ladies, look at what just pulled into town! Your buffet table of love!

Yar: If I could sleep that deep, I'd be in paradise.

Plio: We can only hope that in some small way our time here will be remembered.

Zini: Hey, look what I found! New neighbours! Any of you ladies up for a game of "monkey in the middle"?


The attraction called Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park was originally to be opened at the same time as the movie's release.

Initially, the directors were to use the popular Tyrannosaurus as the film's antagonistic predator but at around the time of production motherly side to the classic dinosaur.

One creature that was designed but cut from the final film was a Mosasaurus. In some video game versions of "Dinosaur", the Mosasaurus makes an appearance.

The Oviraptor, the dinosaur that steals Aladar's egg, was native to Asia, while the large amphibian Koolasuchus only lived near the antarctic circle.

Dinosaur combines the use of live-action backgrounds with computer animation of prehistoric creatures, notably the titular dinosaurs, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation's Computer Graphics Unit.

Dinosaur was a box-office success. It opened at #1 making $38,854,851 in its first weekend from 3,257 theaters, for an average of $11,929 per theater.

The Countdown to Extinction attraction at the Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park, was renamed and re-themed to the movie. It is now known as Dinosaur.